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    Thanks for your support
    A Bicycle for Rosaura cover, fair use A Bicycle for Rosaura
    Daniel Barbot
    Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 1991
    The Case of the Hungry Stranger cover, fair use The Case of the Hungry Stranger
    Crosby Newell Bonsall
    Harper & Row, 1963
    Who's Afraid of the Dark cover, fair use Who's Afraid of the Dark?
    Crosby Newell Bonsall
    Harper & Row, 1980

    Wagon wheels cover, fair use Wagon wheels
    Barbara Brenner
    Harper and Row, 1978
    Daniel Duck cover, fair use Daniel's Duck
    Clyde Robert Bulla
    Harper and Row, 1982
    Singing Sam cover, fair use Singing Sam
    Clyde Robert Bulla
    Random House, 1989
    Animal Soup cover, fair use Animal Soup
    Ian Whybrow
    Alison Green Books, 2007
    Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs cover, fair use Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs
    Ian Whybrow
    Alison Green Books, 2003
    Sheffield Children’s Book Award
    The Norfolk Libraries Children’s Book Award
    Little Wolf's book of badness cover, fair use Little Wolf's book of badness
    Ian Whybrow
    HarperCollins, 1995
    UKRA Award subst. contrib. to literacy
    TSB Birmingham Book Award
    A baby for Grace cover, fair useA baby for Grace
    Ian Whybrow
    Kingfisher, 1998
    Nominated Carnegie Medal
    Farmer Duck cover, fair use Farmer Duck
    Martin Waddell
    Candlewick Press, 1992
    Can't You Sleep, Little Bear cover, fair use Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?
    Martin Waddell
    Discovery Toys, 1988
    My Big Brother, Boris cover, fair use My Big Brother, Boris
    Liz Pichon
    Scholastic, 2008
    Google Books
    My Little Sister, Doris cover, fair use My Little Sister, Doris
    Liz Pichon
    Scholastic, 2009
    Google Books
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    EFL TEACHING - Looking for native English speaker for weekly sessions of reading, rhymes & songs
    ENL TEACHING - Looking for native English speaker with teaching background for nursery/primary school level
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