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    Our map displays all English or American schools for fluent bilingual children -listed to date in Paris and Paris wider region (Ile-de-France). The list includes all levels up to Baccalauréat: nursery, kindergarten, primary schools or grade schools, junior high schools or middle schools, ... to high school.

    The schools listed are either fully dedicated to providing schooling in English or American for fluent bilingual children, or hold a few dedicated classes for fluent bilingual children. They can either be part of the French public education system, or be private "under contract", or fully private independantly funded structures.
    Some of them are recognized by the French Ministry of Education as "Section Internationales" (please refer to our page for more on Sections Internationales & Sections Européennes).
    Click on the map pointers to check names and contact information like phone or website address. Any mistakes or omissions? Please report these in the Contact us page. 
    Thanks for your support

    Display English classes for Bilingual Children in Paris Region on a larger map with all addresses & contacts !
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    EFL TEACHING - Looking for native English speaker for weekly sessions of reading, rhymes & songs
    ENL TEACHING - Looking for native English speaker with teaching background for nursery/primary school level
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